Blueberry for Sale

Blueberry for Sale
Blueberry for sale

We offer blueberry for sale with top quality products such us, fresh blueberry, dried blueberries and blueberry leaves.

Since 2007 we are making shipments of fresh blueberry to North America and recently started sending dried blueberries to the European markets.

Because the blueberry is considered fine fruit try that shipments of our pallets of fresh, in cardboard boxes, are made by air, due to limited shelf life that blueberry has, thus ensuring its quality destination.

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Blueberry Farm

Blueberry Farm
Blueberry Farm on Winter

Our blueberry farm is located in Suipacha, Km 126, national road number 5, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are very close to the port / airport of Buenos Aires,a fundamental advantage, when we transport our blueberry production abroad.

HIghbush blueberry, botanically known as Vaccinium Corymbosum is the most widely cultivated early blueberry variety in Argentina.

The blueberry season in our country typically starts in mid SEPTEMBER and end in JANUARY.

We believe that our blueberry picking will have a significant increase over the previous season 2011 and certainly our bueberry for sale this year will probably reach 75000 Kg with all blueberry growers.

Each blueberry farm has its packaging plant enabled by SENASA ( control organism)  with all meets the requirements for plant health standards.


Blueberry Growers

We have incorporated in our project blueberry growers of Suipacha and Mercedes city, and our main objective is to increase our volume (Kg) of fresh blueberry exports.

There are several advantages of adding more growers, among the most important we can mention :

Exchange of information between growers.
Purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, etc, to lower prices.
Export services ,Transport, Custom Brokers, Fumigation, etc, to lower prices.
It also significantly reduces import costs for buyers abroad.

We hope to add more blueberry growers, from any point of our country, we can work together smoothly.


Fresh Blueberry

Fresh Blueberry
Fresh Blueberry

You can see in the picture fresh blueberry, freshly harvested and packed in a 125 g pot, export quality.

These deep-color fruits are abundant in vitamins and minerals and flavor low in calories, and are extremely beneficial to health.

Our blueberry varieties are: O´Neal, Misty, Start, Blue Crisp, Blue Ship and Reveille.

Blueberry picking  the collection staff must perform the task by following these principal guidelines :
Diameter 11 mm allowed greater.
Select non-green fruit.
Firm but not soft fruit.
Fruits without marks, cracks, any damage in your its skin.

Finally and of utmost importance that during  the course of the day of harvest, at any time the blueberries collected, are exposed to the sun, as a softening inevitably suffer, greatly reducing its original quality is not possible then export.

It is also very important that freshly harvested blueberries as soon as lowering their temperature to 15 ºC and quickly after packaging in cold storage at 2 ºC until to the local supermarket or sale abroad fresh blueberry.


Dried Blueberries

Dried Blueberries
Dried Blueberries

We can see in the picture dried blueberries, quality products that retain virtually all the properties that have the fresh blueberry and they are also much in demand in the markets.

The deshydration process for the blueberry, consist basically of three stages :

1. Washing the fruit  with caustic soda proportions whose main objective is the removal of the blueberry white serosity naturally has to provide after its baked in our oven drier.

2. The working temperature is between 60-65 ºC for 10 hour or so, long enough to reduce humidity of 85% to 15%.

3. Pack in plastic bags glass, should pay attention mainly to seal the same and their storage in a cool about 18 ªC   and dry 50%.

Our dried blueberries are completely natural and have no preservatives or additives, have a sweet taste esquisite...try them!!


Blueberry Benefits

Blueberry benefits don't end with antioxidants. They're low calorie,   high fiber food  that has been proved to help improve your immunity and detox your body.

Blueberries health benefits:  It is incredible how several benefits one can get from this fruit.   For an simple guide this is a list from several sources of documented blueberry benefits: Improved vision; Clearing arteries; Additional nutrients for disease protection; Conditioning blood vessels; Enhanced memory; Preventing urinary tract infections; Reversing age-related physical and mental declines; Promoting weight control, Recommended  in HCG Drops and Diet Plan view shop4diets.

It is always suggested and recommended by studies to consume blueberries as it is to enjoy the original benefits of it

Hope now you got the complete details concerning the blueberry benefits.